Simple and Multiple Relationships between Employee Development and Organizational Commitment

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the goals of education is to maximize the commitment of educational staff. Therefore, factors such as human resource development is supposed to be of significance. As such, the main purpose of this correlational study was to examine the simple and multiple relationship between employee development and organizational commitment. A sample of two-hundred and twenty six staff (203 male, 23 female) from education organization and district one and two of Zahedan City was selected through stratified random sampling method. It was administered Allen & Meyer’s Organizational Commitment Scale (OCQ) and a researcher-made questionnaire of employee development. The reliability of the instruments was assessed using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The results of correlation analyses indicated that there was a significant and positive relationship between employee development and organizational commitment. More specifically, it was revealed that  there was a significantly positive relationship between the components of employee development including formal training, teamwork, career, interpersonal and organizational communication and organizational commitment. Stepwise regression analysis further suggested that teamwork could predict organizational commitment most.